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Dayli ski trips from destination to destination - with luggage transport


The Peer Gynt Trail

Espedalen - Fefor - Gålå - Kvitfjell - Skeikampen 7 days / 80 km + Self-guided tour with luggage transfer North-west of the Olympic town of Lillehammer is the Peer Gynt Trail, named after a local Norwegian hero, characterized into fiction by author Henrik Ibsen. The Peer Gynt trail is a groomed ski trail between ....Read more »

The Troll Trail

Rondane - Lillehammer - 9 days/approx. 170 KM Self-guided tour with luggage transport The Troll Trail offers excellent skiing terrain in magnificent surroundings. This is a continuous marked ski trail, which passes south, through miles of untouched nature. It starts at Høvringen, next to the Rondane National Park, and ....Read more »9 daysFrom 13 150,-

Troll - trail SOUTH

  Venabygdsfjellet - Lillehammer appr. 115 km / 8 days A great ski trip in the southern part of the Troll Trail. To begin with, you stay 4 days at Venabu, which is stuated  in the forecourt of the Nationalpark Rondane.  You can ski short or long trips in the area, before you "connect" ....Read more »

Skiing in Rondane National Park

Cross country skiing from north to south, starting at Høvringen - the gateway to Rondane National Park. You ski in 800-100 meters altitude, with spectacular views of the Rondane Mountains, which include 10 peaks beyond 2000 meters. The tour continues south and ends at Venabygdsfjellet, which is the gateway to Rondane from the south. This part ....Read more »

Skisafari in Rondane and the Venabygd Mountain

Skisafari 2017 We will be organising guided ski trips in the Rondane & Ringebu mountains. Each day we aim to cover between 15 to 35 kilometres, depending on the weather and snow conditions. We make a packed lunch from the breakfast buffet. The trips require good ski equipment for skiing out of the prepared tracks. Ski equipment can be ....Read more »

Birkebeiner Ski Race

Welcome to the 78th Birkebeinerrenn 19 March 2016. The Birkebeinerrennet is one of the oldest and most challenging ski race in Worldloppet with 16.500 participants. The cross country course is 54 km long, Nordic classic skiing. The course goes through terrain varying from forest, open woodland and bare rock. About 20 km of the trail runs ....Read more »

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1. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: See description and price for each tour Tours without guide: The price includes a trail description and map of each tour/area. The trail description cannot be ordered separately. Tours with and without guide: Included 1 set of maps per 2 people. If you want your own set, you can pay NOK 50 – 150, depending on ....Read more »

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